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and Sports Yoga - moving with Power, Fluidity and Agility

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Hi! I’m Lynne-Marie
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I offer functional movement teaching of various kinds and at various levels. I have a genuine passion for making the benefits of this type of exercise available to all, through my teaching in public classes as well as private tuition.

I also hold a sports yoga qualification, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, and I am able to integrate elements of this into my rehabilitative work with sports players and exercisers, where helpful.

What is functional movement
all about?

Functional movement training consists of exercise sequences aimed at increasing your core stability, range of movement, balance, strength, stretch, flexibility and agility, and is designed to add ease and power to the daily movement activities that you make with your body. Through your practice of functional movement sequences in my classes, in addition to it being a fun challenge, you will eventually find that you move and perform your daily tasks with less expenditure of energy, better balance, and less risk of injury. You will experience your body moving in the the most bio-mechanically efficient manner and because of this you will have more energy to devote to other things in your life.

My functional movement teaching is based upon my qualifications in sports yoga, advanced cardio and resistance training, and other areas of fitness training. It can be performed using simply your own bodyweight, or using resistance bands, cables, medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells, and more, according to how I design the class. In technical terms, depending upon what is included in each specific class that I teach, functional movement helps to correct muscle weaknesses, muscle imbalances, and will -- over time -- help to improve your range of joint movements, increase your body flexibility, muscular stength, postural alignment, and your pelvic and thoracic stability.

Many of the movements might be familiar to you, for example a squat or a lunge. However, the emphasis on the performance of the squat and the lunge will be different in my class, and you will feel that difference when, in due course, you experience your stamina and endurance increase. All of this is offered in a non-competitive environment with an emphasis on having fun whilst doing the best for yourself.

If this sounds worthwhile, and even like some good fun, why not give it a try?

Why might you find functional movement training
helpful in your life?

Most of us are born with the capability to enjoy our body’s full range of movement (by the way, this is equally true for girls and boys). Over time we lose our flexibility - our ability to move freely and fluidly. This loss can be attributed to sports or exercise participation, but it can usually be attributed to our lifestyle. As a result we often experience feelings of “stiffness” throughout different parts of our body. We just "...can’t seem to move there!” Or, “I ache here!” These aches, pains, and / or stiffness may be due to living a sedentary lifestyle, or to repetitive movements in exercise or sport which may cause muscular imbalance in your body over a period of time.

Such issues may also be caused by “favouring” one side of your body as you use, or over use, certain body areas. Another likely cause of aches or stiffness may be from your body’s healing process which may have been initiated from an injury or illness. And, finally, your lack of flexibility may be from a combination of one or more other factors too numerous to list. Whatever the underlying reason(s) for your muscular imbalances or restrictions, these limit your personal flexibility, your ability to move, and limit you from enjoying life to its fullest. As you get older this will very often become worse. It doesn't need to be this way, however! Functional movement training, pilates or yoga all help to alleviate this massive problem and make life much more fun again.

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