Lynne-Marie Partington Fitness Trainer specialising in Functional Movement
and Sports Yoga - moving with Power, Fluidity and Agility

My professional qualifications

Pilates training and certification

I am expecting to qualify as a studio and mat pilates teacher (with Alan Herdman certification) by summer 2018. This will enable me to teach mat pilates at beginner, intermediate and advanced level for exercise and for remedial purposes, as well as studio pilates.

Other fitness-related certifications and degrees

*Teaching Yoga in Sport and to Athletes,
Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited 80 hour Sports Yoga teacher training, designed and taught by Sarah Ramsden of Sports Yoga, in Chester, UK.

*PhD, (focusing on exercise and women over the age of forty years),
Carnegie Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure, at Leeds Beckett University, UK.

*MSc (Distinction) Sport and Health Sciences,
Exeter University, UK.

*Advanced Instructing Gym (Level 3): Exercise and Fitness Knowledge, Advanced Resistance Programming,
Advanced Cardiovascular Programming
YMCA Awards, UK.

*Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage,
International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), UK.

*California Standard Secondary Teaching Credential in Physical Education,
State of California, USA.

*BA in Anthropology and Physical Education,
University of California, Davis, USA.

My qualifications and background . LMPilates4

I was born in 1950 in a small town in northern California, USA. My varied background history consists of many years combined personal and professional involvement in sports, athletics and physical activities, including most recently in the field of pilates.

My captivation and passion with combinations of sport, exercise, fitness and health began in my early teens. I was a team player on every sport that my secondary school offered and by the age of 18 I was qualified and employed in California as a State Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor. After earning my BA in Anthropology and Physical Education and my California Standard Secondary Teaching Credential in Physical Education, I began my teaching career in various high schools throughout California, USA, covering the subjects of physical education, sport, health, sex education, drug education and biology. During these same years I also coached gymnastics, swimming, field hockey, volleyball, basketball and softball.

After relocating to England, in 1995 I became involved as a wider-ranging fitness and health professional through university teaching and research, work in the NHS, and as a private health educator. During this time I became fascinated by what makes people motivated to exercise and play sport, and simply to stay fit. This is reflected in my having earned an MSc (Distinction) Health Education and Health Promotion from Canterbury Christ Church University College, UK, an MSc (Distinction) Sport and Health Sciences, and my PhD. Among other things, these latter two degrees both focus on motivation and consistency as factors in the participation of women over forty years old in exercise / physical activity and sports.

In 2006, in addition to studying for my higher degrees, I began to train for my advanced gym instructor certification. Even by the time I'd completed my advanced cardiovascular and resistance certification I realised that my deep interest lay in areas of functional movement rather than basic fitness training. It was also during this period of my life that I first turned to pilates to help me with my life-long postural problems. Pilates, combined with my yoga and sports yoga was a terrific help, and its powerful work continues to improve my posture.

My formal study of anatomy began in the US as part of the Physical Education component of my Bachelor's degree. I was extremely fortunate because my anatomy course was taught at the UC Davis Medical School and our lab sessions involved working with human cadavers (yes, truly!). This gave me a thorough, and totally unforgettable, hands-on awareness and understanding of the human body's muscular structure. Here in the UK further perspectives to my anatomy knowledge were added through my training in body massage, advanced cardiovascular and resistance programming, my sports yoga certification, and, of course, my pilates.

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