Lynne-Marie Partington BA, MSc, PhD Pilates & Functional Movement For Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
Inverness & Great Glen region

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention using
Functional Movement

Along with my Pilates certification, I am also qualified to offer you Functional Movement. Functional Movement is comprised of many different movement methodologies, all of which focus on proper joint and muscular alignment and core development. This combination will help you rehabilitate from, or prevent, injury or further injuries caused by your lifestyle, work, sport or exercise. As I teach you Pilates, when appropriate, I will use some of these movements in conjunction with my Pilates teaching. However, if you are interested, I can offer you a stand alone session based on an appropriate range of Functional Movement for your particular requirements.

One such Functional Movement methodology is a form of vocational yoga often called Sports Yoga. These yoga exercises are not the kind of complex poses associated with other yoga! Sports Yoga is a combination exercise system that has evolved from Pilates, yoga, Functional Movement, and other body areas, such as kinesiology and fascia and soft tissue therapy. It consists of exercise sequences aimed at increasing your range of movement, core stability, balance, strength, flexibility and agility. Sports Yoga is all about movement (linear and non-linear), not getting into strange-looking and difficult poses! And, unlike Pilates, Sports Yoga uses no apparatus at all. It's all based on exercises which are done lying, standing, sitting or stretched out in various ways on an exercise mat, for padding and comfort.

Other Functional Movement sequences or specific exercises that I use do not have a specific name. The sequences or even just a single movement exercise that I would want to use with you would be based first upon your individual need. I would then draw on my background knowledge of human anatomy, which is underpinned by my inspirational and thorough training and studies in this area in the School of Medicine at the University of California Davis taken as part of my BA degree.

My acquired knowledge of biology, physiology, and kinesiology along with a wide exposure and study of various sports and fitness activities, were also part of my studies for my UC Davis bachelor’s degree and California teaching credential. Over the years since I completed these studies I have added to my knowledge of human anatomy along with the important details of how our bodies move. I have done this through numerous training courses, including my Advanced Gym Instructor, my ITEC certification in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage, my vocational Sports Yoga certification and lastly my Pilates certification. My life-time of personal involvement in exercise, sport and fitness has also greatly added to my knowledge base together with my doctoral level study in the fields of health sciences, sport sciences, exercise and fitness.

Most of us are born with the capability to enjoy our body’s full range of movement (by the way, this is equally true for girls and boys). Over time we lose our flexibility - our ability to move freely and fluidly. This loss can be attributed to sports or exercise participation, but it can also be attributed to our lifestyle. As a result, we often experience feelings of “stiffness” throughout different parts of our body. We just "...can’t seem to move there!” Or, “I ache here!” These aches, pains, and/or stiffness may be due to living a sedentary lifestyle, or to repetitive movements in your exercise or sport which may cause muscular imbalance in your body over a period of time.

Such issues may also be caused by “favouring” one side of your body as you use, or over use, certain body areas. Another likely cause of aches or stiffness may be from your body’s healing process which may have been initiated from an injury or illness. And, finally, your lack of flexibility may be from a combination of one or more other factors too numerous to list. Whatever the underlying reason(s) for your muscular imbalances or restrictions, these limit your personal flexibility, your ability to move, and limit you from enjoying and succeeding in your sport or exercise. It doesn't need to be this way, however! Pilates, Functional Movement, Sports Yoga or a combination of any of these can help to alleviate this massive problem and make playing your sport, or achieving your exercise goals more realistic as a proposition.

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