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Welcome to my Pilates home studio. LeafStrip

Welcome to my Pilates
home studio

A few questions that are probably on your mind as you read through my website are:

“If I book for a Pilates session, what happens at the first meeting?”

“Do I need to have had any experience in Pilates to book?”

“Will I be judged if I can’t do anything, since it is all new to me?”

No, you will NEVER be judged. Rest assured, all of us have been beginners at some point in our lives. And I can also assure you that Pilates has many wonderful benefits, but most importantly for me I want you to have fun in each session. You will work hard, but it should be fun.

So, what will happen at our first meeting? You will be asked to fill out a simple form with questions such as who are you (name and address). Do you have any medical problems that I should know about? And, of course, who to contact in case of an emergency? We will then have a relaxing chat about you and what you would like to gain from your sessions with me. After that I will devise your own individualized programme.

Being a small home studio means that you will have a lot of individual help and attention as space is at a premium and any groups will be small in numbers. Pilates also has hundreds of different exercises, so your programme will be updated as and when appropriate.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to introducing you to the world of Pilates.

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